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<!-- ... -->Used to give a comment or description. Sentences located on this container will not be visible in the browser
<!DOCTYPE> Defines document type information 
<a>Defines an anchor, but it is more appropriate to interpret it as a link because this link is used to link one HTML document to another HTML document 
<abr>Used to describe an abbreviated expression and you can provide useful information to page source browsers / screen readers, translation systems and search engines that come from the abbreviation that has been described, but when in the browser the description will not appear and just for information
<acronym>Defining acronyms/functions of this tag is more or less the same as the <abbr> tag tag
<address>Defines contact information for the author/owner of the document
<applet>Used to insert java files into HTML documents
<area />Defines a clickable area (link) on an image map
<b>Make text bold
<base />Defines base/target URLs for all relative URLs in the document
<basefont />Create default text attributes, such as color, size, font type for all text in the document
<bdo>Used to override text direction
<big>Increase the text size by one point from the default
<blink>Make text blink
<blockquote>Defines a long quote. When in the browser the text will appear indented 
<body>Defines the body / content of an HTML document, serves to determine how the contents of a document are displayed in the web browser. The contents of the document can be in the form of text, images, animations, links and so on
<br />Give a new line / move line
<button>Defines a clicked button
<caption>Create a caption on the table
<center>For center alignment of text or images 
<cite>Define quote
<code>Defines a piece of computer code
<col />Defines attribute values ​​of one or more columns in a table
<colgroup>Specifies a group of one or more columns in a table for performance
<dd>Defines a description of the item in the definition list
<del>To center the text/cross out text
<dfn>Defines a definition term
<dir>Defines a directory list
<div>Defines a section in a document 
<dl>Defines a definition list
<dt>Defines a term (item) in a definition list
<em>Make text italic. The function of this tag is the same as the <i> tag but the <em> tag is more recommended/emphasized in use for italic text
<embed>Used to insert video files or music files
<fieldset>To group related elements in a form / create like a frame-box in a form
<font>Defines the font type, color and size for text
<form>Defines an HTML form for form input
<frames />Defines a frame in a frameset
<frameset>Defines a set of frames
<h1> to <h6>Used to indicate the beginning of a header / title of the HTML document.
<head>Used to provide information about the document
<hr />Creating horizontal lines
<html>Defines the root of an HTML document
<i>Make text italic
<iframe>Defines an inline frame
<img />Function to display images in HTML documents
<input />Defines an input field on a form
<ins>Underlined text
<kbd>Defines text input from the keyboard
<label>Defines a label for an <input> elemen element
<legend>Defines a caption for the <fieldset> elemen element
<li>Used to display information in the form of list items 
<link />Defines the relationship between a document and its external sources
<listing>The function of this tag is the same as the <pre> tag and it is recommended to use the <pre> tag because the <listing> tag is not feasible/protested
<map>Defines client-side image maps
<marquee> Make text run vertically or horizontally
<menu>Defines a menu list
<meta />Defines metadata about an HTML document
<br>Prevent line breaks in text or images
<noframes>If the user's browser does not support frames
<noscript>If the user's browser does not support client-side scripts
<object>embed an object
<ol>Defines a list in numbering format
<optgroup>Displays several grouped options in the form of a drop-down list
<option>Displays multiple options in a drop-down list
<p>Make a paragraph
<param />Defines a parameter for an object
<pre>Create text with the same font size
<q>Defines a short quote
<s>To center line text/cross out text, this tag function is the same as <del> tag but <s> tag is not recommended instead using <del> tag
<samp>Defines an example of the output of a computer program
<script>Define client-side script
<select>Create a drop-down list
<small>Reduce text size from default size
<span>Defines a section in a document 
<strike>To center the text / strike out text, this tag function is the same as <del> tag tag
<strong>Make text bold, this tag function is the same as <b> tag
<style>Defines style information for an HTML document
<sub>Adding a subscript effect to the text
<soup>Add a superscript effect to the text
<table>Create a table
<tbody>To group body contents in a table
<td>Defines cells in a table
<textarea>Defines a multiline input control
<tfoot>To group footer contents in a table
<th>Defines header cells in a table
<head>To group header contents in a table
<title>Creating a title for an HTML document
<tr>Creating rows in a table
<tt>Defines teletype text
<u>Creating underlined text, the function of this tag is the same as the <ins> tag but the <u> tag is not recommended for the HTML text formatting category but belongs to the HTML Style category
<ul>Defines a list in bullet format
<var>Defining a variable
<xmp>Defines preformatted text, this tag functions the same as the <pre> tag
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