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Lantro UI New Version + Plus Ui Modified Version 2023

Lantro UI for Bloggers is their UI-based template. This theme has many updated features like - SafeLink support, Adblocker, Bookmark feature ...
Lantro UI New Version + Plus Ui Modified Version 2023 | Free Available
Lantro UI New Version + Plus Ui Modified Version 2023 | Free Available

Lantro UI New Version + Plus Ui Modified Version 2023 | Free Available

Most of you know Jagodesain recently, a Median UI Template creator for Blogger. A Blogger template that can be said to be the nation for Blogger brothers, thanks to its unique design. And recently, I found out a pretty Blogger or Blogspot Template edited from Median UI Template, Plus UI Responsive Blogger Template.

Plus UI is a Template developed by with more advanced features and more customization than the original Median UI version. This is a Template with a combination of IMagz, Median UI and Fletro Pro by Jagodesain.

Lantro UI New Version + Plus Ui Modified Version 2023

Plus UI is created with a combination of Median UI and Imagz mainly, so Plus UI features also appear to be similar to Median UI and Imagz according to the table below.

Features Availability
Mobile Responsive Yes
Schema MarkupYes
SEO Friendly Yes
Ads ReadyYes
Fast Loading Yes
New Featured Post Yes
Shortcode Support No
Auto Read More With Thumbnail Yes
Error 404 Yes
Responsive Footer Yes
Social Follow Button Yes
Multi Drop Down Yes
Search Widget Yes
Related Posts With Thumbnail Yes
Social Share Button Yes
Email News Letter Widget Yes
Recent Post Widget Yes
Detailed Documentation Yes
Best Responsive Menu And Layout Yes

Some advanced features

jago design with many advanced features makes this Template many things unique.

Here are a few of jago design outstanding advanced features.

  1. Realtime Views: A real-time view counter on posts, jago design uses Firebase Database to store views.
  2. Maintenance Mode: Maintenance feature, when turned on, users will receive maintenance notifications. Admin will not see this message to facilitate interface upgrade.
  3. Quick Edit: When the Admin accesses the Blog page, quick edit buttons will appear for your convenience in editing.
  4. Bookmark Posts: This feature helps users access bookmarks but featured posts, it will be deleted if user clears cache or cookies.
  5. System Default Mode: This feature will change the Dark Mode according to the interface your device is using, Dark Mode or Light Mode.
  6. Theme Color: Let your visitors choose their favorite Theme Color for your Blog. You can set 10 Theme Colors of your desired colors.
  7. Music Player: Music player feature, I also have a tutorial article Create a music player using JavaScript you can refer to.
  8. Countdown Download Box: Download button with countdown timer.
  9. Anti Ad-Blocker: Notifies users to use an ad blocker .
  10. Cookie Consent: Informs users that the Blog uses Cookies to store information.
  11. Country Block: Block users from a specific country.
  12. No Internet Connection: Notify when the user loses connection to the Internet .
  13. Google Translate: Google translate helps users from many different countries.
  14. Safelink: Help increase your Blog visits thanks to the Safelink feature
  15. Article Rating: Help users rate your content.
  16. SafeLink Generator: Help to make safelinks inside your blog.

Above are some of the advanced features of the Template and are the information of the Template. Next comes how to download and use the Template.

Demo and Download

This is the official Premium version and JavaScript decoded, please do not re-share on your Blog for commercial purposes.

Version 1.5

if you want this theme comment your email address

Instructions for installing the template

You log into the Blogger admin page. Then go to the Theme menu . In the Customize menu , click the menu button and select Edit HTML .

Complete and check

After the HTML template editor window opens, open the .xml file downloaded in Step 1. Then copy the entire content and paste it into the HTML editor. Click save to finish.

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