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5 Awesome Contact Us Page Design For Blogger - Copy HTML Code

5 Awesome Contact Us Page Design For Blogger - Copy HTML Code: Contact us page design, Benefits of contact us page how to add contact us page.

Contact us page

Hello friends, welcome bloggers. This post is the second edition of the Contact Us Page Generator post. In my previous post, I had set up a tool to create a contact page, where users can contact the site owner by knowing the site owner's email id and WhatsApp number. But many users have asked me to format the contact page with input fields like name, email and message.

So in this post, I am going to introduce you to 5 different contact page designs with HTML code. Just look at all the contact page designs and download the HTML code for that contact page. After downloading the file, open it in a text editor, copy the entire HTML code, and paste it into the code section of the Contact Us page. That's it, the contact page is ready to be published. Post a contact page and view vacancies in a web browser. Enjoy receiving emails directly from your visitors through your website.

Do you know why we need a contact page?

The reason is very simple, we often rely on third-party service providers, but now you need to use the standard official contact form for the following reasons:

Receive emails directly in your inbox: Once the user clicks the send button and fills the fields with name, email and message, you will receive the user's message directly in your inbox.
Trusted: This is Blogger's official contact form and is therefore safer and more reliable than using third-party services.
Business Tips: Visitors can use the contact form to ask specific questions about your blog or your business in general. Offering a specific product or service can be a great way to acquire and potentially convert potential customers.
Comments: Visitors can leave comments on your blog by simply filling out your contact form. Based on visitors' feedback, you can decide what to write next or what areas to correct.
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How do you add a contact form to your blog?

Adding a contact form to Blogger is very easy, just follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Blogger account and select the blog you want to add to the Contact Us page.
  • Scroll down to the left menu and find the Pages option, click on it and then click on the New Page option available at the top left.
  • Title this page Call Us.
  • To write something in blogger we have two options i.e. we can create or create a post and our page in build view or html view.
  • Select View HTML.
  • Download the HTML code for the desired contact page from the link below and open the file in a text editor. Copy the entire code and paste it into Blogger's HTML view editor.
  • Publish the page and test it in your browser, and get your site visitors directly to your mailbox through the site's contact form.
  • Contact Us Page Design
  • Here I present you top 5 contact form designs for bloggers. Check out each contact page layout one by one and download the HTML code for the contact page design you like the most.

#1. Simple contact us page design:

This is  very basic page with input fields Name, Email, & Message with a submit button. Download the Contact-Us Page HTML code below and paste it into your Blogger's Contact-Us Page HTML code section.

#2. Rainbow Divider CSS Custom Contact Form

In this form you will get effect of the rainbow with CSS. It is a cool design but you can further customize this if you want. This form also contains standard input fields followed by Blogger like Name, Email, and Message. I am sure you will love to use it, this custom contact us form.

#3. Custom Contact Us Form With CSS Ribbon

Shoot Me an Email

Your name:
E-mail address *:
Message *:
This is   very trendy Contac- Us page with special CSS effects. It will add a beauty to your contact us page, if its color does not match your website's contact page then you can customize the CSS to match the design and color of your website.

#4. Modern custom contact us page

Get in touch.

This is a very standard Contact Us page with icons in the input fields. You will definitely love using this custom contact us form in your blog. This custom contact us form will surprise your visitors. I strongly recommend you to use this form for your site contact us page.

#5. Contact Us Form With Speech Bubble

This is one of the best Stylish Custom Contact-Us Page Designs. Many of  users use this contact page on their blogs and it really is a great look. I strongly recommend you to use this form as your second choice as it will fit any type of website design.

After you have added the code, go to the top right and click "Publish." You may now see the Blogger contact form on your static website in real-time. You can send a test message to ensure that everything is working properly. The message should be in your inbox in a matter of seconds; simply check the email address associated with your Blogger account.

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