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free-blogger-world (salbuta) pro

Fully 100% Responsive Salbota is fully responsible for working well on all devices (including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones).

Theme Features

Fully 100% Responsive Salbota is fully responsible for working well on all devices (including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones).

RTL Supported Salbota supports RTL direction (Demo 1 - Demo 2 - Demo 3)

The UiKit 3 Salbuta-based theme is based on the Uikit 3 library, which provides you with the appropriate typography concept and many other features.

Some Salbota layout styles have gradient, light and dark styles with many options to work with.

Salbota Custom Post Layout has 4 post layouts (default post with right sidebar - left sidebar post - full width post no sidebar - full width heading post). Full width titles can be added to other 3 layout styles.

1 and 2 columns owned by Salbota can be set to 1 column or 2 columns. Sidebar can be enabled or disabled in index, static posts or pages or many of them.

Salbota's wavy style has a wave-like shape in the header and footer. It can be customized or disabled.

Sticky Header Salbota has a sticky navigation header at the top when scrolling. It can be customized or disabled.

Drop and Mega Menu Salbota 2 Level Dropdown Menu and Single & Multi Mega Menu to show featured posts with your favorite labels. You can use the dropdown and mega menu as many times as you need.

Home Slider Salbota has a gadget to display featured posts on the home page in 2 styles (slideshow - carousel).

Last sticky sidebar gadget Salbota has the last coin sidebar gadget when scrolling. It can be customized or disabled.

Grid Posts Filter Salbota has a grid posts filter that sorts posts from the gadget using custom label names. It can be customized or disabled.

In Salbota's Grid Posts View, Grid Posts View has the option to choose between expanding or shrinking posts. Extending the post will show the full post or shrinking the post will only show the image with the title in the tooltip. It can be enabled so that users can set or disable the style of their choice and select any style as you like. You can enable or disable compression for all other post types, including mega posts, related posts and featured posts on error pages. The post will also collapse when you shrink by default or reduce it using the user view option.

Salbota AutoHight Image Grid posts by default Grid posts are cut according to width and height modifiers and their size is fixed. You can enable grid post images to enable automatic height and width editing.

Unlimited Salbota Scrolling has the option to load more posts on the same page without redirecting to another page. It can be customized or disabled.

Extremely Comprehensive Documentation Salbota has a very solid documentation that explains every part of the theme. There are also tools to help you create some theme content.

Custom Pages (Labels, Archives and Search) are custom designs for Salbota's blog pages (Labels, Archives and Search). With grid post view option.

YouTube Video Support Salbota supports YouTube video images. If your post has no image and contains a YouTube video, the YouTube video image will be taken automatically.

Custom Social Icons Gadget Salbota is a plugin that allows you to place links to your social page within the traditional Blogger Link List gadget to display social icons.

Custom Post Comment System Salbota Posts Comment System has been built from scratch. Each section has been modified to provide the best user design and methodology. It has a box with lots of emotions which is great for users. Discus also supports comment system.

Salbota Custom Error 404 Page is an integrated, fast and easy 404 error page with some random posts to increase user flow rate. These random posts can be turned on or off as you wish.

Salbota Ready Translation has the option to edit all used text to the word or language of your choice. All these texts are grouped together for easy editing and are not scattered throughout the themes.

Salbota's full set of short codes has a huge selection of short codes including "Vertical and Horizontal" tabs - Accordens - Icons - Alerts - Buttons - Tool Tips - Carousels - Slideshows - Grid System - Alignment Classes - Block Quotes ) Included. This demo explains all the short codes.

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