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Bricks Builder v1.3.2 WordPress

Bricks Builder v1.3.2 WordPress
August 08, 2021

 Bricks Builder is one of the most advanced, flexible and easy to use WordPress themes. Bricks Includes all the tools you need to build stunning websites, with a fast & intuitive page builder packed with tons of short, responsive, mobile-friendly shortcodes to suit all your needs.

Key Features of Bricks – Visual Site Builder for WordPress

You can read below about some of the main or core features of the GPL version of Nulled Bricks theme and if you want to know the full features of this theme then check out the demo site and if this is not suitable for your website then you can try other WordPress Themes at is free.

Visual Complete Site Editing

Dynamic Data



Customizable Save

Creator Access Control

Header & Footer Maker

Edit Like Document

Country Style Navigation

Searchable controls

Pin Element

structure view

Keyboard Shortcuts

Preview Your Job

Create your own elements

Page Management

Fully Translated & RTL

Changelog of Bricks Theme v1.3.2

Released on 23 July 2021 – Version 1.3.2

Copy & Paste NEW Element

NEW Sticky Element

Canvas Auto Scaling (see toolbar controls)NEW

Better sticky headers: 'Sticky On Scroll' & 'Slide Up After'NEW

Template Insert: Import theme styles & color paletteNEW

Math Ranking – SEONEW Analysis Integration

Mini Cart: New "Off the Canvas" SetupNEW

Mini Cart: New 'Positioning' & 'Transformation' SettingsNEW

Product Filters: New filter type “Search”NEW

Products: The new "Link all products" settingNEW

Post Elements: New “Offset” SettingsNEW

Image Gallery: New "Lightbox Image Size" settingNEW

New Brick Settings: Disable "Skip link"NEW

New Translation:New Malaysian

NEW Canvas (Desktop) Width Lock

New Settings: Query “Requirements (Exclude)”NEW

Slider element: New title tag settingNEW

Product Archive: New dynamic data to display product archive thumbnailNEW

Form Elements: New Filter “bricks/form/recaptcha_score_threshold”NEW

New Community Template Library (Container-based)NEW

Compatibility: Relevance (Search Plugin)NEW

More visual typography controls for: text alignment, text transformation, text decoration BOOST

WooCommerce: Exclude “is_shop” page from all IMPROVE archive template conditions

Product: Add CSS selector to individual productIMPROVE

Vue Update: 3.0.11 > 3.1.4 UPGRADE

Vuex Update: 4.0.0 > 4.0.2FIX

Fix Gutenberg Block image align centerFIX

Container "Overlay" not showing when set only on mobile breakpointFIX

Form Element: Not working in single product pageFIX

Template Shortcode: Breakpoint style not workingFIX

Fix: Load same font with different styleFIX

Fix: Look for form styles on the defaultFIX 404 error page

Product Brief Description: Contains break HTML tags, open Graphics FIX tags

Search overlay input not set correctlyFIX

Post title element for is_home()FIX

Image Element: Link to 'Attachment Page' not workingFIX

Title Element: Background color leaking out of borderFIX

Theme Style: "WooCommerce - Button" not applied to "High Sales/Related Products" and FIX homepage

Fix repeater control on CSS "hover" (all breakpoints) FIX

Fix: Breakpoint issue when builder is enlarged FIX

Tab Elements: UnstyledFIX tab content list (ol, ul)

Carousel Element: Post type "Posts" Image disappears when "Adaptive Height" is enabled

How To Update/Install the Bricks Maker Theme?

Download the latest version of Bricks from here.

In your WordPress dashboard, go to "Display > Themes". Click "Add New".

On the next screen click "Upload Theme". Now select the theme file that you just downloaded from your computer.

Click "Install Now".

If you have uploaded a previous version of Bricks, you will now see a comparison of your current and uploaded Bricks theme. Click "Replace current with uploaded" to replace the old version with the newly uploaded version.

Bricks WP Theme Live Demo and Sales Page

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