Redirect Page When Developer Tools is opened

 Developer tools are commonly used to develop web pages, such as checking performance, improving appearance, and others. With access to these developer tools, it will usually be very easy for website elements to be easily retrieved and cloned by people. therefore security is needed to protect it. The script below will redirect to the Google page when the developer tools is opened.

var element = new Image; var devtoolsOpen = false; element.__defineGetter__("id", function() { devtoolsOpen = true; // This only executes when devtools is open. window.location.href = "//"; }); setInterval(function() { devtoolsOpen = false; console.log(element); }, 10000);

I found this script when I wanted to download an embedded video from Google Drive and this is the video link:

This script will always check devtools every 10 seconds and can make your web page heavy. 

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