HTML JS converter to blogger

To enter HTML or javascript code through HTML editing or enter code directly in your blogger xml, you can't do it the usual way, but you must first convert it to entity code. Likewise, the google adsense javascript code to enter into your blogger via HTML editing must first be converted. If you place it directly, it is certain that the ad will not appear.

You can convert it via the HTML JS converter to blogger here.

Convert &to&
Convert 'to'
Convert "to"
Convert <to&lt;
Convert >to&gt;

How to Install:
1. Make sure to edit your blogger HTML, for those who don't know how to edit templates, see the following post:
How to edit templates on blogger .
2. Convert your HTML or JS code in the conversion tool above.
3. Then install the converted adsense code, where you want it on your blogger template.
4. Done.
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