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What Is SEO Local Citation

 What is SEO Local Citation? looking for something in a search engine in one area. While citations are better known as recommendations for other websites for info and data from the products you sell. I'll summarize everything so Google my business (GMB) or Google my business .

What is Local SEO ?

Local SEO or local SEO is an effort to optimize your business website in search engines for local searches.

What is google my business?

Google My Business (Google My Business) is a tool provided by Google to make it easier for potential clients to find out your business information. Such as business name, company address, company phone number, email address, operating hours, company website, office photos, to client reviews.

Is it important to optimize your blog or online business using GMB? Before you take any further conclusions, first check the data that Google provides as follows:
  • 88% of mobile users search for information locally
  • 51% of google searches using mobile devices
  • 151 million active internet users in Indonesia
I answered why it was important because applications on cellular phones such as social media and market places asked cellphone users to turn on location. Because almost all mobile phones turn on any geo location they are looking for in the Google browser, local info and data will appear.

I think search clusters like this are intentional by Google to lighten the load on the server and speed up the search process. It works the same way as a CDN all lookups by local. Because in the future the focus of the search for Google robots with a cluster system like this, you need to optimize your blog/selling in local SEO.

Almost 98% of Indonesian internet users use Google as a search engine, you need Google My Business. Not only online shops, bloggers also really need to increase blog rank in local searches.

How to Optimize Google My Business

It's very easy, just fill out the entire Google Business form completely. If there are many competitors in the same keyword on Google Business, then do optimization in the form of reviews and giving star rates, the more reviews the better your Google Business position.

Use main keywords in descriptions, products, posts, photos. Don't use keywords in the name of Google My Business, it's better to use the brand or product name. Why not use keywords as account names? because it violates the google business high five and your account can be edited by competitors and even ask for deletion.

How to Increase Google Maps Ranking and Local SEO

Why is google my business very important to master local seo? here is a diagram of the factors that influence a local seo ranking based on research results from moz com.
local citation

As can be seen, the Google business portion is very influential on local SEO, has a contribution to the local rank of 25%, followed by the link signal in it can be from backlinks, this review signal can also come from buyer testimonials and blog visitors.

What are citations? 

After optimizing google my business, another thing you need to do is build citations to make it easier for google to rank my google business account. Just like backlinks for blogs in local SEO it is called citation. It's easy to just submit to business directories and marketplaces.

What you must pay attention to is that the NAP (name, address, phone) in Google My Business is different from the one you submit to directory listings and marketplaces. If you do that, my Google Business optimization will be in vain.

Indonesian Business Directory

  • bdpage.com
  • en.zipleaf.com
  • indonesia.angloinfo.com
  • indonesiabizlist.com
  • panpages.co.id
  • aroundjakarta.net
  • ta.opendi.co.id
  • tupalo.com
  • where2go.com
  • www.2findlocal.com/en/id
  • www.brownbook.net
  • www.expressbusinessdirectory.com
  • www.gbgindonesia.com
  • www.gps-data-team.com
  • www.hotfrog.co.id
  • www. Iklangratis.my.id
  • www.indonesiayp.com
  • www.tuugo.net
  • www.yellowpages.co.id
  • foursquare.com
  • www.crunchbase.com
  • www.facebook.com
  • www.here.com

Indonesian Marketplace

  1. Tokopedia (1.2 billion visitors/yr)
  2. Shopee (837 million visitors/yr)
  3. Bukalapak (823 million visitors/yr)
  4. Lazada (445 million visitors/yr)
  5. Blibli (353 million visitors/yr)
  6. JD ID (105 million visitors/yr)
  7. Orami (89 million visitors/yr)
  8. Bhinneka (63 million visitors/yr)
  9. Sociolla (51 million visitors/yr)
  10. Zalora (45 million visitors)

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