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Tutorial How to Create a Free Blog Blogspot

Tutorial How to Create a Free Blog Blogspot
June 09, 2021


MIUSM-TEH.COM - If you want to create a blog for free, you can try to create a blog on which is a free blog provider site owned by Google where you can create a blog for free.

  1. Create a Blogger Account
  2. Optimizing Blogspot Blog
  3. Edit Blogspot Theme and Layout
  4. Creating Blog Pages
  5. Creating Blog Posts

In addition you will get a free subdomain for example, but you can also buy a paid domain like .com to connect to blogger.

Although there are many free blogging platforms such as, Weebly and Tumblr. But at gives great freedom in managing the blog and also many features provided
You can also monetize your blog with Google AdSense to earn online income and other programs like affiliate marketing easily unlike other free blogging platforms.

With the various features available on, it is highly recommended for those of you who are new to blogging and want to create a blog for free.

And for this post I will show you Step by Step how to create a free blogspot blog on

1. Create a Blogger Account

First, please go to the site , and you will be asked to create a free blog.

Since is a product of Google, you can easily create a free blog account using your Gmail account .

After logging in, you will be asked to choose a blog name:

Then on the next page, you can select a subdomain for the blog and make sure the subdomain or url address of the selected blog is available for registration. like the example image below:

If you have chosen a blog name and subdomain or blog url address, you will be immediately redirected to the dashboard

2. Optimizing Blogspot Blog

After you create a blog, we must optimize the blog first to make it easier for the blog to appear on search engines like Google Search.

To set it please select the Settings menu on the blogger dashboard, and how to optimize the blog as below:

Add description to Blog

Adding a description to your blog will help visitors and search engines find out about your blog. How to set it is in the Basic option in the Settings menu:

Optimizing Blog Post Display

In this section, we will optimize the appearance of the blog homepage and also manage visitor comments on your blog posts.

This setting is in the Posts and Comments option on the Settings menu, please adjust it according to your needs.

Optimizing Blog SEO

SEO is very important for blogs to always appear on search engine pages, please scroll down to set it.

Meta tags: Please write a summary of your blog here, It will appear in search engines and will attract visitors to your blog.
Custom 404: When people open your blog via a URL that may no longer exist, you can set a message to them that the page doesn't exist and can also set a custom text instructing what to do next.

Custom redirects: If someone is linking to one of your posts or pages, and by chance that page has been deleted or they are linking to the wrong URLl, you can use this option to redirect all those backlinks to a single page.

The next section has Crawler and indexing options , I suggest you leave it alone and don't change it.

3. Edit Blogspot Theme and Layout

Blogger has provided various free templates or themes that you can use for your blog, to select them, please go to the Themes menu on the blogger dashboard.

As an example we use the Contempo Light template from the list of default blogger themes.

However, you can also use other blogger templates that are available and you can download on the internet, an easy way to find it, please go to Google and enter the keyword Blogger Template .

Next we will edit the layout of the theme on the Settings menu > Layout

In this option you can adjust the layout of the blog display, such as adding a logo on the blog header to make it look attractive and professional.

In addition, you can also add various special gadgets such as social media buttons, search options, contact forms, visitor statistics, to special widgets using HTML code.

o add a custom gadget to blogger on the layout of the theme layout there is a small hyperlink that says "add gadget". Please click the link and you will see a list of available gadgets.

Up here you have created a professional blog for free at The next step is to create content for your blog visitors.

4. Create a Blog Page

Pages in blogger are different from posts, in blogger you can only create 20 pages. While the content of your post can make it unlimited.

Therefore, the page is usually used by blog owners to create an about page, privacy policy, and disclaimer and other information that is always constant.

To create a new page on blogger, please select the Page menu on your blogger dashboard.

5. Create a Blog Post

Now is the time for you to write posts or articles that you want to present for your blog visitors to read. It can be a topic that you are good at or a keyword that you want to rank for when people search for it on Google.

To create and write a post, please go to the blogger dashboard and select the Post Menu .

Enter the post title first and then you can write blog post content, add images and even links to other posts and pages on your blog or reference articles across the web.

This editing method is almost the same as when you create a document in Microsoft Word or Google doc, so I think you will have no trouble creating post content on blogger.

If you have finished making a post, please click Publish , to be published on your blog.

Well, I think that's enough for this post about a short tutorial on How to Create a Free Blogspot Blog . I hope what is above is easy to understand for you.

See you....
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