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Make a cool script box on the blog

How to make a cool script box on a blog

How to make a cool script box on a blog , making a thin city to write a thread on a blog can also be called a simple syntax header, we can make it through a simple language. The existence of this box serves to make it easier to identify the author of the card.

Can you imagine if a tutorial blog that provides short but in writing it gets very messy at times, between blogs and posts that are not posted regularly. The result? Visitors will be confused. even tend to immediately close your blog without reading your articles, even though your articles are good and can help them. They will run away because of lousy article writing.

A fast writing solution so it doesn't get mixed up with blogs?
Writing scripts in blog posts is actually very easy. Your first step can be to do a search first on the rt that you will be interested in.

Steps of manufacture
The first step is to open Edit HTML on your blog template. After that, the following code]]></b:skin>
Copy and press the CSS code below this page

/* script by bloggers learnings**/
.post-body pre{border-left:5px solid var(--color-main); padding:0;margin:.5em auto;white-space:pre;word-wrap:break-word;overflow:auto;background-color:#292E34;position:relative;width:100%;-moz-tab-size:2;-o-tab-size:2;tab-size:2;word-break:normal; user-select:text; -webkit-user-select:text; -khtml-user-select:text; -moz-user-select:text; -ms-user-select:text; user-select:text;-webkit-hyphens:none;-moz-hyphens:none;-ms-hyphens:none;hyphens:none}
.post-body pre.html:before, .post-body pre.css:before, .post-body pre.javascript:before, .post-body pre.jquery:before {display: block; background-color:#bde0b9; padding:5px 35px; font-weight:500; font-size:16px; font-family:Google Sans, -apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont,"Roboto","Segoe UI","Oxygen-Sans","Ubuntu","Cantarell","Helvetica Neue",sans-serif; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-size:20px 20px; background-position-x:7px; background-position-y:center;}
.post-body pre.html:before {content:'HTML'; background-image:url("data:image/svg+xml,<svg viewBox='0 0 24 24' xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg'><path d='M12,17.56L16.07,16.43L16.62,10.33H9.38L9.2,8.3H16.8L17,6.31H7L7.56,12.32H14.45L14.22,14.9L12,15.5L9.78,14.9L9.64,13.24H7.64L7.93,16.43L12,17.56M4.07,3H19.93L18.5,19.2L12,21L5.5,19.2L4.07,3Z' fill='%231d2129'></path></svg>");}
.post-body pre.css:before {content:'CSS'; background-image:url("data:image/svg+xml,<svg viewBox='0 0 24 24' xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg'><path d='M5,3L4.35,6.34H17.94L17.5,8.5H3.92L3.26,11.83H16.85L16.09,15.64L10.61,17.45L5.86,15.64L6.19,14H2.85L2.06,18L9.91,21L18.96,18L20.16,11.97L20.4,10.76L21.94,3H5Z' fill='%231d2129'></path></svg>");}
.post-body pre.javascript:before {content:'Javascript'; background-image:url("data:image/svg+xml,<svg viewBox='0 0 24 24' xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg'><path d='M3,3H21V21H3V3M7.73,18.04C8.13,18.89 8.92,19.59 10.27,19.59C11.77,19.59 12.8,18.79 12.8,17.04V11.26H11.1V17C11.1,17.86 10.75,18.08 10.2,18.08C9.62,18.08 9.38,17.68 9.11,17.21L7.73,18.04M13.71,17.86C14.21,18.84 15.22,19.59 16.8,19.59C18.4,19.59 19.6,18.76 19.6,17.23C19.6,15.82 18.79,15.19 17.35,14.57L16.93,14.39C16.2,14.08 15.89,13.87 15.89,13.37C15.89,12.96 16.2,12.64 16.7,12.64C17.18,12.64 17.5,12.85 17.79,13.37L19.1,12.5C18.55,11.54 17.77,11.17 16.7,11.17C15.19,11.17 14.22,12.13 14.22,13.4C14.22,14.78 15.03,15.43 16.25,15.95L16.67,16.13C17.45,16.47 17.91,16.68 17.91,17.26C17.91,17.74 17.46,18.09 16.76,18.09C15.93,18.09 15.45,17.66 15.09,17.06L13.71,17.86Z' fill='%231d2129'></path></svg>");}
.post-body pre.jquery:before {content:'jQuery'; background-image:url("data:image/svg+xml,<svg viewBox='0 0 24 24' xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg'><path d='M22.88,10.41C20.77,12.18 17.61,11.9 15.84,9.79C14.06,7.67 14.34,4.5 16.45,2.75L16.96,2.37C15.27,4.19 15.16,7.03 16.8,9C18.43,10.94 21.25,11.32 23.34,9.97L22.88,10.41M21.1,14.5C17.93,17.17 13.2,16.76 10.54,13.58C7.87,10.41 8.29,5.68 11.46,3L12.38,2.36C9.96,5.09 9.84,9.26 12.26,12.14C14.68,15 18.8,15.63 21.91,13.72L21.1,14.5M19.97,19.38C15.53,23.11 8.9,22.53 5.17,18.08C1.45,13.64 2.03,7 6.47,3.29L7.58,2.5C4.07,6.3 3.85,12.23 7.28,16.32C10.71,20.4 16.59,21.22 20.96,18.43L19.97,19.38Z' fill='%231d2129'></path></svg>");}
.post-body pre::-webkit-scrollbar,pre::-moz-scrollbar,pre code::-webkit-scrollbar,pre code::-moz-scrollbar,code::-webkit-scrollbar,code::-moz-scrollbar{display:none} .post-body pre code{line-height:1.5em;display:block;background:none;border:none;color:#BFBF90;padding:10px 15px; font-size:12px;white-space:pre;overflow:auto;max-height:250px; user-select:text; -webkit-user-select:text; -khtml-user-select:text; -moz-user-select:text; -ms-user-select:text; user-select:text;} pre mark,code mark,pre code mark{background-color:#95b2f6 !important;color:#292E34 !important;padding:0px;margin:0px} .post-body code {user-select:text; -webkit-user-select:text; -khtml-user-select:text; -moz-user-select:text; -ms-user-select:text; user-select:text;} .post-body code.tutor {color:#f44336; letter-spacing:-0.3px} post-body quote{border-left:5px solid var(--color-main); user-select:text; -webkit-user-select:text; -khtml-user-select:text; -moz-user-select:text; -ms-user-select:text; user-select:text; padding:0;margin:.5em auto;white-space:pre;word-wrap:break-word;overflow:auto;background-color:#292E34;position:relative;width:100%;-moz-tab-size:2;-o-tab-size:2; tab-size:2; word-break:normal; -webkit-hyphens:none; -moz-hyphens:none; -ms-hyphens:none; hyphens:none}

After installing the ART above, SAVE YOUR BLOG TEMPLATE

How to use The 
use of the box is easy. just write the following sign

Don't forget to PARSE FIRST before you post CSS or HTML
To call the HTML box
<pre class="html"><code> PASTE CODE HERE SCRIPT </span></code></pre>

To call CSS box
 <pre class="css"><code> PASTE CODE HERE SCRIPT </span></code></pre> 

To call the JavaScript box
<pre class="javascript"><code> PASTE CODE HERE SCRIPT </span></code></pre> 

To call the JQuery box
<pre class="jquery"><code> PASTE CODE HERE SCRIPT </span></code></pre>

If the top is truncated or the script doesn't come out then Enter above and below your code.

<pre class="html"><code>
.....give enter
enter the PARSE HTML code here
.....give enter

Using the code to call the rit box on the blog let you enjoy it. When you want to write HTML then please call Un HTML, if you want CSS then call Un CSS. Or maybe you want something else there is no fault either.

If you don't want to use the logo for each box, just delete the class.

Thank you for visiting this website and don't forget to stop by at another website.

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