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How to Move Blog To Another Email Account

How to Move Blog To Another Email Account Moving your blog to another email account is highly recommended

Moving your blog to another email account is highly recommended for those of you who want to sell your blog or give it to friends or other people. This is important, to avoid unwanted things related to your main account in the future.

Moving or transferring blogs to other accounts is very easy and fast to do. However, if you don't know how to move your blog to another email account, you can listen to this blogspot tutorial post this time.

Steps to Move Blogspot to Another Account

Blogger.com, which is one of the best free blogging platforms , does not mention the procedures or features for moving your blog to another email account. But you can still do it with easy steps.

To make it easier for you to understand the steps to move your blog to another email account, I will call Account 1 the owner of the blog and Account 2 as the buyer/recipient of the blog that you will provide.

Well, let's just follow the steps to move the blog to another account below:

Sending Author Invitations

First thing, you have to invite Account 2 as an author on your blog. How:

Please login to your blogger.com account or Account 1 .

Select the blog to be moved or transferred to Account 2

Go to Settings > Permissions > Invite More Authors .

Fill in the form Send an email to invite with the email address Account 2 , then click Send .

Accept Author's Invitation

After Account 1 or you send an invitation as an author, Account 2 must accept the invitation. How:

Check the incoming email on Account 2 , there will be an invitation message like this.

Click the Accept Invitation link.

Next Account 2 will be redirected to a page, to confirm the invitation as an author on the Account 1 blog .

Click Accept Invitation to confirm it.

Changing the Author Role to Admin

After Account 2 accepts the invitation and becomes the author. Account 1 needs to change the role of Account 2 from author to admin. So Account 2 will have full control to manage the blog. How:

Login to your blogger.com or Account 1 .

Select the blog to which Account 2 has been added as an author.

Go to the Settings menu > Permissions > Admin and blog writers .

Change Account 2 role from Author to Admin and click Save .

Finally Account 1 must delete its own role on the blog, to complete the process of moving the blog to Account 2 .

Click the X cross on Account 1 or your account, then Save .

Instantly the blog from Account 1 will disappear and move completely to Account 2 .

Well, that's the way to move the blog to another email account , very easy isn't it? If you have trouble doing the steps above, don't hesitate to submit via the comment form below.

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