How to Get Automatic Dofollow Backlink Redirect From Google


MIUSM-TECH.COM - How to Get Automatic Dofollow Backlink Redirects From Google . Increasing domain authority, is not something that is easy to get in a short time. This will involve sacrificing a lot of time and Backlinks are a simple way to increase your site's domain authority easily and still be effective.

Yep, by having lots of quality backlinks to your website or blog, you can increase your ranking in search engines. If you don't know about backlinks, please see my previous post, What is Backlink? Why it is Important for Blogs and Websites to understand it in detail.

On this occasion I will share how to get 1300 more automatic dofollow backlink redirects from Google . How can? Please continue reading this article to the end.

How To Make Free Backlinks From Google

Have you ever checked the backlinks of a website or blog, you found some google links that point to your site? Examples such as or and others. It is an automatic backlink redirect from google.

To get more redirect backlinks is quite easy, you only need to do two simple steps as follows:

Below is a list of Google redirect links, please copy them to your notepad. q= / / / / / / / /

Once copied, replace all domains with your site link.

Next, look for a high DA site where you can leave a comment and paste the link above. I suggest you to use Because it is quite easy to comment there. Or you can see my post about the dofollow backlink free comment site .

If you have successfully commented, then you just have to wait for 24 hours or until your link is crawled by search engine robots. And to find out if the backlink has been crawled, you can use the online backlink checker tool to check it.

Well, this short post about How to Get Automatic Dofollow Backlink Redirects from Google , may be useful for those of you who are building quality backlinks.
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