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How to Create Subdomain on Blogger from Main Domain

You have purchased a Domain and want to create a new subdomain, for example for safelink for the main blog, of course you are confused because there

 You have purchased a Domain and want to create a new subdomain, for example for safelink for the main blog, of course you are confused because there is no option to add a subdomain in the purchased Domain service.

We can easily create subdomains through cPanel Hosting but what happens if we want to create one without buying a hosting service and just buying a domain?

In this post, let's learn how to create a subdomain for a blog on blogger by using DNS Management in the Domain settings without having to buy a hosting service.

What are Subdomains?

Subdomains are additional extensions of an existing domain. For example, if you have a main blog with the url www.yourblog.com, you can add a subdomain tutorial.yourblog.com. the name of the tutorial is a subdomain.

Actually the www prefix on the main domain such as www.blogkamu.com is also a subdomain, but it is often used as the main domain address to make www as the parent of the domain.

Subdomain Function

Basically a subdomain has a function as a separate site from the main site, as a service that is still associated with the main domain. For example, google.com has a translate service with the subdomain translate.google.com

Using subdomains is a handy way to have multiple sites on one domain. This means that by creating a subdomain, it allows us to create a new site or blog by only buying one domain as the parent site.

Steps to create a subdomain on Blogger

To create a subdomain on blogger or BlogSpot it's very easy, you just need to follow two short steps, I've used this method to create a safelink subdomain for this site.

However, please note that the main requirement to create a subdomain that we will install on blogger is that you have full control over setting up DNS Domains such as domain services at Niagahoster.

Okay, let's start step by step below:

1. Setting Subdomain on Blogger

First, please login to blogger, select the blog that we will replace with a subdomain. Go to Settings > Publish > Custom domain.

Fill in the Custom Domain with the subdomain you want, for example I created a subdomain safelink.MIUSM-TECH.com from the main domain www.MIUSM-TECH.com.

After that click Save.

2. Setting Subdomain in DNS Management Domain

The final step is to set the subdomain where we bought the main domain, because I bought the domain at Niagahoster, for example, we will set the subdomain in the Niagahoster Panel.

Please login to the Panel or Member area of ​​niagahoster.co.id then Select Your Service > Domain. After that click Manage Domain on the domain that we will create a subdomain on blogger.

After entering the Domain Settings we select the DNS Management option, scroll down and click Add Record. Now we will create a new CNAME Record for the subdomain in blogger.

Please fill in the Record details as follows:

Record Type – select type CNAME

Subdomain - Fill in the name of your subdomain, in the example above I created a safelink subdomain from the main domain MIUSM-TECH.com.

Host Name – Fill in ghs.google.com

TTL – Leave by default 14400.

 I just create a new record to create a new subdomain of the main domain.

Until here we have finished creating a new subdomain on blogger from the main domain, the next step is just waiting for the DNS Resolving process and configuration updates for approximately 1×24 hours.

If for 1×24 hours the subdomain created cannot be accessed or an error, please pay attention again to the steps above are correct or not.

Maybe I will end this post about  How to create a Subdomain on Blogger from the Main Domain as a substitute for a free subdomain from blogger. blogspot.com is also useful for creating a safelink blog for the main blog.

If something is not understood, don't hesitate to write it in the comments below, Thank you for visiting

See you…

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