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5 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools 2021


MIUSM-TECH.COM - The Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools . Backlinks are now important as the main requirement for any basic handling on a website or blog. Starting from a blogger to a website manager and even using social media, it is necessary to know backlinks.

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in search engine optimization. The hallmark of good SEO is the presence of relevant backlinks to your site, in order to produce a top ranking on Google pages. This statement is not only justified on theoretical grounds but also supported by research evidence and experienced professionals.

Well, before we start the main discussion about the best free online backlink checker tools. There is nothing wrong with listening to a brief explanation first. What are backlinks? Why do we need to check it? and How does the backlink checker work?
  1. What are Backlinks
  2. Why Need to Check Backlinks?
  3. How Does Backlink Checker Work on Websites?
    1. Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools Recommendations?
    2. Ahrefs
    3. SEMRUSH
    4. Open Site Explorer
    5. BuzzSumo
    6. OpenLinkProfiler
Backlinks or external links are a way to link your website's link or URL to some other site. Therefore, anyone can redirect to your site on its web page without your permission.

Having lots of backlinks can be useful, but it may not. It is mandatory for you to continuously check the performance and quality of the selected page. Therefore, you need a backlink checker that will help find it.

Many things are useful if we regularly check our backlinks, which are as follows:

1. More traffic.

Backlinks or incoming links from your website will generate an increase in the amount of traffic. Thus, it ensures that the post or site will receive more audience or visitors than without the backlink.

2. Better rating.

The more quality inbound links that are referred on your site, the better your Google ranking will be. Because, Google ranks relevant sites and makes them appear as search results. Ranking is done by many factors, including keywords and backlinks.

3. Protect your site.

As previously written, backlinks can or may not be useful. There could be people who do not like your site, then spread your site link with negative purposes such as spam. Hence, if you know which backlinks to use to refer to your website, YOU can play it safe than ever.

4. Check customer reviews.

Checking customer reviews is a must in handling a website. Backlinks can often help you identify positive and negative reviews among the thousands of reviews posted on your site.

The backlink checker tool will fetch specific keywords and check the database to produce relevant results. It will then analyze similar websites and accurately assess your domain's performance.

Well, now we have entered the main topic of discussion, namely the Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools. Here I list 5 Backlink checker tools that you can try:

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best free online backlink checker tools right now, because of the excellent features it offers. For example, you can compare your website with other well-established websites.

Ahrefs has two versions, free and paid. The free version of Ahrefs provides detailed reports with the added benefit of analyzing the link text even though it is not exhaustive. different if you use the paid version you will be free with advanced search results.

In the case of spam, Ahrefs skillfully informs you about backlinks being used for negative SEO. It shows a breakdown of percentages along with a detailed analysis of your website. Ahrefs will show the performance of the backlink and show whether the ranking status of the website.


SEMRUSH is next in the order of the best free online backlink checker tools posted this time. Many bloggers are known to prefer SEMRUSH to check backlinks personally. Although this is a paid backlink checker tool, however you can use the service for free for 14 days.

SEMRUSH offers detailed reports on website performance. There are also many other features such as services for competitor research and showing organic keywords. In addition, SEMRUSH also allows you to compare the performance of the backlinks used on your website with other sites.

3. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is probably the oldest free online backlink checker. However, it can still be used because it is very reliable and accurate. Open Site Explorer is available in two versions. If the paid one needs to subscribe to SEOMOZ, the features offered by the free mode are also quite efficient.

This backlink checker tool is ideal for comparing the performance of your domain with other domains. While there are some useful features, users typically use Open Site Explorer to check the progress of their website.

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an excellent free online backlink checker tool. It is an ideal application for blogging, content marketing and website management. BuzzSumo is available in both paid and free versions. However, many users trust the free version more because of its efficiency.

BuzzSumo allows you to check how your backlinks are performing. Apart from that, this backlink checker tool also allows you to compare the ranking of your website against competitors. You can also attach external links and convert to .csv format.

5. OpenLinkProfiler

Lastly, there is OpenLinkProfiler which is one of the best performing online backlink checker tools. The fact that it's completely free makes it even more interesting. The SEOProfiler manages it and updates the software regularly. That way, you will get access to the latest features and efficient reports every day.

The performance of OpenLinkProfiler is absolutely unbelievable. It allows you to check backlinks not only for a single website but also supports multiple checks. In addition, there are additional features offered by OpenLinkProfiler. Its features are available under Diagnosis Link.


Backlinks and SEO are a necessity for website managers. Nowadays, business people have found the internet as a platform for success. Backlinks basically support and improve performance. Therefore, pay attention to the importance of backlink analysis. Then it's up to you to choose which backlink checker tool you want to use.

I think that's enough for this post about the 5 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools 2021 . Hopefully this post can be useful for you in managing backlinks for websites or blogs.
See you...

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