How to by Pass Android Samsung phone

Well, to be able to pass the Google Account Verification stage  is actually quite easy if the user remembers his Google account. What about those who forgot?

As a solution, here Miusm-tech has provided 2 methods to bypass or bypass the Google account verification process which has proven successful on Lollipop and Marshmallow android OS. Let's check it out!

this is quite easy and simple compared to other google account verification bypass toturials . Where in this method you do not need the help of an application or a PC.

However, this tutorial can only be used for android devices that have Lollipop OS. For the version above (Marhsmallow), it may be difficult to penetrate the security on the 6.1 operating system. And here's the tutorial.

First, turn on your android device then leave it on the Welcome menu .
Touch and hold the Back button until several menu options appear (ignore it).
Tap the Google search field, then select the " No, Thanks " button .
Then type “ Settings ” in the Google search field. Tap the button, and you will be taken to the settings menu.
Then tap the Backup & Reset menu -> Factory data reset -> Reset phone
Android will automatically restart to do a factory data reset. Wait for a while, done!
For more details about file link download it below.

FRP_Bypass.apk Google Account
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