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More than 50 SEO Tools to Improve Your Web Site

If you are looking for more visitors to your site, enhance the strength of your site in search engines and follow up on your site’s activity, you must
If you are looking for more visitors to your site, enhance the strength of your site in search engines and follow up on your site’s activity, you must have special tools for your site to find out what the target keywords are, what is the strength of your site, the number of backlinks to the site (backlink) and what is the evaluation of the search engines for your site Find out how fast your site loads. All this and more SEO tools provide you.

You may find on your site all the specifications necessary to issue the first pages, but this is not enough, and the thing that you have to rely on is the accuracy that comes through several things, including: analysis of search words, analysis of the ranking, analysis of the entire site etc. ...

all of this we will present in this post Which includes the MaxFow site   is a site with more than 50 tools that help marketers and website owners, who aspire to obtain SEO services for their site or blog, and of course for free, and all of these tools provide various solutions to make the site complete and virtually error-free and thus issue search engines and reach the ranking Featured in Alexa.

The most important of these tools on the site:

Backlink maker : This tool is useful for adding the link to your site on sites with high pagerank (pr 6-7-8) in more than 50 sites, thus gaining the confidence of search engines.
XML Sitemap Generator : Simply create a sitemap at the  click of a button.
Backlink-checker : Checking the backlinks on your site.
AVG Antivirus Checker : A security check of the site, ensuring that it cannot be hacked.
Broken-links-finder : Find out about broken links on the site.
Plagiarism-checker : Find out if the article is copied or not. This is one of the first important things, especially after Google's strict policy on copying and adding articles.
Domain age checker : to know the age of the domain, when it was created, as well as the expiration date, without the need to log into your account.
Robots.txt Generator : Generate a ready-made Robots.txt file that directs search spiders to the directories that are allowed to enter and blocks them from the banned directories.

There are many other great tools in one place, including: Alexa Site Rank Checker, IP Finder, What is my Browser , Check Page rank, Link Verifier ... as we mentioned Previously, the site contains more than 50 free tools and has an easy-to-use interface with identifying pictures for each tool. To learn more about the tools and how to work, I invite you to visit the site.

Website link: www.maxfow.com

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