Add shadow effects to Your blog logo

Make the shadow effect move back and forth on the blog logo. This effect is really cool, it will give your blog logo a nice touch, it does not affect your blog loading at all because it is only composed of Css. Switch to Night Mode from our blog to clearly see the shadows

MIUSM | The best for you

As you have seen, the function of this effect is simple to make your blog look professional 😍 and make your visitors comfortable! And of course, your blog will look better

Explanation of the installation method

1. Appearance >> Edit HTML
2. Search using CTRL + F for ]]> </ b: skin>
3. Put the following code before it
/* Effect Logo MIUSM */
header #header-inner a{position:relative}
header #header-inner a:before,header #header-inner a:after{content:"";position:absolute;top:50%;width:10px;height:100%;transform:translateY(-50%);background-color:rgba(255,255,255,.75);z-index:999999999}
header #header-inner a:before{left:-5%;animation:light-left 3s infinite alternate linear}
header #header-inner a:after{right:-5%;animation:light-right 3s infinite alternate linear}
@keyframes light-left{0%{left:-5%;opacity:0}50%{left:50%;opacity:1}100%{left:105%;opacity:0}}
@keyframes light-right{0%{right:-5%;opacity:0}50%{right:50%;opacity:1}100%{right:105%;opacity:0}}
Template codes differ from each other, and if your template is not modified then the effect will work with you directly, and if it does not work then I am here to help
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