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How to Submit a Blogger Sitemap to Google Search Console

How to Submit a Blogger Sitemap to Google Search Console
June 06, 2021


A sitemap is an XML file containing information about pages, posts, images, and videos on your site or blog. Having a Sitemap will make it easier for search engines like Google to crawl every element of your website.



Google can easily crawl all the pages and posts on your website or blog if the sitemap is properly linked in Google Search Console, even if your blog is a new structure that is not yet organized.


Submitting a blog sitemap to the Google search console is something that new blog owners must do, this is very important so that your website or blog has a good reputation in the eyes of the Google search engine.

In this post, let's learn how to submit a blogger or blogspot sitemap. The method is very easy to do even if you do not have technical knowledge of complicated HTML code class="hljs cs"s or scripts.


Well, let's just look at the steps to submit a blogger sitemap to Google Search Console.

Register Blog to Google Search Console

The first step is that you have to add a blog to Google Search Console, but I think your blog will automatically be listed in Search Console because the blogs are made using blogger or blogspot.


However, if your blog is not registered in the Google search console, please add your blog first to the add properties menu on the left menu.



If you are using a Kustom domain, please fill in your site's address as shown above, but if you are still using a subdomain of blogger, namely, use the property type next to it.


Please fill in the full url with http:// or https:// . And also www if you use a custom domain. After filling in your blog address, then click the CONTINUE button .




Because we create a blog on blogger or blogspot, it will usually be verified automatically. This is the advantage of using If not then we have to verify the blog first.

Blog Verification on Google Search Console

There are five options for verifying the existing blog in the Search console, but because we are using blogger or blogspot. Please select the option Using HTML Tags for the blog verification step in the Search console.



Next, please copy the HTML code or tag provided by the Search console, then you open a new tab in the browser then log in to, go to Themes > Edit HTML


Here you have to enter the code or HTML tag that was copied earlier, to be placed under the <head> tag or under the </head> tag on your blog template. When finished placing the tags, save your template.

Then we go back to the Google search console tab, to click the Verify button .


If it's done now it's time for us to submit our sitemap to Google Search Console.


Adding a Blogger Sitemap in Google Search Console

After registering a blog and verifying. Now let's submit or add a Blogger Sitemap to the Google search console.


On the left menu of the Search console, click the Sitemap option .



For those who use a custom domain, please enter the complete sitemap and blog address as below:

In the section you replace it with your custom domain url address.


As for users of the sub domain. you just need to enter this:


Without the need to enter the full blog address like a custom domain user.


The above method applies if your blog has a number of posts below 500, but if you have more than 500 posts on your blog you must add a new sitemap as below.


Domain custom usage:


Use of subdomain:


Adding Blogger Page Sitemap in Google Search Console

In addition to submitting a sitemap which is intended to make it easier for Google to crawl site or blog posts. You can also submit a page sitemap if YOUR blog has many important pages that you want Google to index.


For the same way as the steps above. The difference lies in the sitemap address for the page, please fill it as below:


Domain custom usage:


Use of subdomain:





And then press the SEND button. to add a static page sitemap to the Google search console.


Well, that's the steps we can do for how to submit a sitemap on the search console . As we know before, it is very important for your blog's SEO on blogger or blogspot.


Maybe I will end this post, hopefully it will be useful for you.
See you...


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